OnSite In Sight Soon

By COLIN DOBELL, President and CEO

OnSite Standard Products

In the previous newsletter we introduced the concept of OnSite, OnDemand and OnSpec product lines - basically some fancy marketing speak for standard products, specialized systems and custom solutions.  

We have been focused recently on refining our OnSite (standard) product line across three categories including pipe inspection systems, miniature magnetic crawlers, and remote cameras. Over the next few months we will be releasing details of the complete product line including specifications, applications and available options. Our goal is to have all of these products available for rental or purchase with quick delivery times and competitive pricing. 

We are also planning to launch a new website this fall with additional product information and interactive tools. When we do, a lot of people will notice that some of the products currently on our site are either no longer listed as standard or have been completely removed. But have no fear! Everything will still be available. Some of our more sophisticated and expensive crawlers (like the Versatrax 300™, Versatrax 450™ and Vertical Crawlers) will be found in the OnDemand product category, and more unique products like the Versatrax 200™ will be found under OnSpecCrystal Cam® products are offered through a separate company, Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc., and the VGTV™ crawler is being marketed as the Delta Extreme by Recce Robotics International, Inc.

We’re excited to be rolling out all of these changes in the coming weeks and months. And, as always, please give us a call or send an email if you have any questions or comments.