Inuktun Sighting #48: Explain This

In the final segment of #InuktunInTheWild sightings from long-time client, Dougness Holdings, we share the following footage caught by the Spectrum 90™ PTZ camera onboard the Versatrax 150™ pipe inspection crawler.

Being dubbed the “entity”, we look to our readers for possible explanations of the white figure hovering around underground municipal pipes. Likely to be a reflection caused by a combination of the VT150 vehicle lights and water reflection, we’re open to other suggestions.

Send your suggestions for what we caught on film. Hey, we might just send you some swag!

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If Inuktun were to launch a nature channel, these two clips would make the cut. Watch a spider doing some weekly meal prep in great detail through the eyes of the Spectrum 90™ camera, and watch some frogs trying to engage in a game of leap frog with the Versatrax 150™ crawler.

Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology is typically used to determine the remaining useful life of infrastructure including evaluating corrosion, measuring wall thickness, and generally monitoring the condition of capital assets to plan for preventative maintenance. And, as demonstrated here, it sometimes plays the role of film crew for inspecting the unexpecte

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