RVI: Breaking Routine Reduces Risk

AZoM recently discussed the importance of tank inspection to monitor and prevent leakage from storage tanks or pressure vessels that might otherwise cause serious environmental damage and increase risk to human health and safety. Ashtead’s NDT Market Manager, Steve Drake, commented that routine calendar-based inspections, which rely on historical data, have the potential to ignore current conditions and environmental factors. That’s why Inuktun offers a range of equipment to enable timely inspections and real-time evaluations of actual tank conditions.

Recently introduced as part of Inuktun’s OnSite Standard Product line of economical miniature magnetic crawlers, the MaggUT™ provides the ideal solution for remote visual inspection and ultrasonic testing through thickness measurement, especially when it comes to large storage tanks and pressure vessels. The one-man portable, easily operated system allows for necessary regular and ad-hoc inspections of tanks for corrosion, damage or remaining useful life, in order to help prevent potential future leaks. Check out the dry-only version of the MaggUT™ performing tank inspection in this video, as well as its waterproof counterpart — ideal for internal tank examination, without the need for interrupting service.

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