Inuktun Sighting #50: Willing and Cable

Do sightings here at Inuktun HQ count? We think this one might, on the basis of ingenuity. Check out how a Minitrac™ was used to assist our production team in spooling a long tether back onto its drum. Although it’s not typically how this transporter is used, the Minitracs™ just added another job to its extensive resume. Note how neatly the tether was stacked!

While we’re on the topic… Since tether requirements vary based on individual operations and environments, we thought it was important to share these tips (in our last quarterly newsletter) about the importance of selecting the right cable, handling it properly, and making sure you have enough to suit your needs. Missed the memo? Sign up for our newsletter now to make sure you never miss another issue of Inuktun’s on TRACK.

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