Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Inuktun VGTV Task Force Hurricane Katrina

Inuktun VGTV Task Force Hurricane Katrina

With the recent severe flooding in Louisiana, we’re reminded of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. The media have created a new wave of speculation whether the level of this disaster could have been prevented with routine preventative inspection measures. Inuktun’s Multi-Mission, Modular (IM3) technology was onsite post-storm helping search through debris, but where our robotic cameras and crawlers prove most valuable are in scheduled inspection for conditional assessment of the levees in Louisiana and infrastructure. 

There’s nothing new in the old saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail”, but we’re still seeing too many news stories of preventable tragedies. Offering an economical line of miniature magnetic crawlers, our systems can be used to assess the structural integrity of large tanks, pressure vessels, offshore rigs and platforms, bridges and wind towers. Our long range pipe crawlers are offered on a rental or purchase basis for those long pipeline and trenchless inspections. Inuktun’s cameras, offered with telescopic deployment poles, as a drop or push system, or easily integrated into your ROV, provide astounding image quality for remote visual inspection in the industry. Have a unique challenge? Our IM3 technology has been thoughtfully designed with modular integration in mind.

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