Inuktun Sighting #53: Videos on Demand

45 and counting. #InuktunInTheWild has a YouTube playlist spotlighting our Multi-Mission, Modular (IM3) technology live in action.

Browse to find videos like this one by long-time customer Underground Pipe Inspectors who shows Spectrum 90™ footage on board a Versatrax 150™ crawler inspecting a variety of pipes, coming across infiltration, a hole and vermin (similar to our Dougness Holdings’ mini-series here, here and here).


Take a look at our history from AP Archive in this video that includes IM3 technology being used in emergency response situations and old footage of Inuktun’s founders.


Fast forward to the future with this overview of Inuktun’s newest and smallest tracks, the Picotrac™. Inuktun partnered with the University of Victoria on this engineering design project.

Scroll through our channel for exclusive video content and #InuktunInTheWild sightings from the web now, and submit your own photos or videos to be featured here!