Extend Your Reach

Inuktun’s new extendable and segmented poles are inexpensive accessories that add a lot of functionality for a relatively small investment. Just like the other modular components that are built to the IM3 (Multi Mission Modular) standard, they can be readily used with a range of tools and equipment. Adding a camera pole to your remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment pool puts RVI quite literally in your hands … ideal for those inspections that are otherwise just out of reach.

Inuktun offers two different pole options. The first, a lightweight, telescoping carbon fibre pole, can be used with our High Definition (HD) tilt head (found on the MaggHD™), Spectrum 45™ pan & tilt, or Crystal Cam Imaging’s CC Sapphire cameras. For larger PTZ cameras like the Spectrum 90™ and Spectrum 120™, we offer a heavy duty setup with multiple aluminum pole segments that can be connected together to reach almost any distance. If you already have an Inuktun Versatrax™ crawler or Spectrum™ camera system, purchasing a pole means you can instantly increase your inspection capabilities. In a matter of minutes, you can attach a camera and be ready to inspect inside of tanks, fuel pools, rail cars, pipes and pressure vessels.

Contact us today to learn more about the ready-to-go camera pole packages or any of our IM3 technology!