Inuktun Services: Read All About It

Since the latest product release of our Versatrax 50™ (VT50), based on new miniature Picotrac™ crawler modules, Inuktun has been showcased in the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Insight Magazine and NDT News. The Versatrax 50™ is being praised by the industry for raising the bar in confined space entry and inspection applications; it is the smallest industrial crawler on the market. At only 320mm long by 37mm wide (12.5in x 1.44in) the VT50 provides real-time color video in small pipelines, ducts, channels and other tight spaces. Did we mention the teeny-tiny VT50 is capable of operating in air and underwater? Make sure to keep the Versatrax 50™ in mind when your inspections require entry into areas that are simply inaccessible with other technologies.

And while you’re doing all that reading, why not check out Inuktun’s OnDemand Specialty System, the Versatrax 300™. Recently highlighted in Sat Press News’ December press release, this pipe inspection system is now offered for short or long term rentals. Available in shipping crates, or built into an easily transportable cargo trailer, the Versatrax 300™ is famous for its ability to travel more than two kilometers from a single entry point (or four kilometers, if you go both ways!). So don’t hold off performing those long distance pipe inspections – give us a call to learn more about what the Versatrax 300™ crawler system can do for you!

For information on the Versatrax 50™, the Versatrax 300™ or any of Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology for remote inspection and non-destructive testing, email the team, or call us toll-free in North America at 1-877-INUKTUN (468-5886) or worldwide at 1-250-729-8080.