A New Year, A New Look. Staying on TRACK

Inuktun CEO with Vertical Crawlers

By Colin Dobell, Inuktun President & CEO

Brexit, President Trump and Zika. Water in Flint, Orlando nightclub, Pokemon Go. Hurricanes and earthquakes. Phew. We’re happy we made it to 2017.

And with the New Year comes some exciting new developments from Inuktun. I’m not going to spoil it for our marketing department, but look out for our new website next month – with a completely different look and feel. We’ll be showcasing new and existing products on easy to navigate webpages that will make it simple to find the information you need. We don’t have an exact date yet – but we’ll send you an email when we’re ready to launch.

Also, later this year we will be announcing new additions to our rental fleet, new expanded product capabilities, new partnerships, and some really interesting customer profiles. Some of it is already happening. Just read ‘At Arm’s Length’ to see one example of how our rental equipment can be customized to meet specific inspection needs (quickly and economically!).

Stay tuned to our regular blog posts and newsletter for these kind of announcements as they happen. And in the meantime, let’s stay ‘on TRACK’ for 2017!