ICON Offers Single Controller Solution for Multiple Inuktun Systems

ICON Import Configuration Screen

ICON, Inuktun’s control software, has quietly been taking over for the standard rackmount and Pelican® controller options we offer. In this tech tip we describe one of the key benefits of our PC based controllers – the ability to use different systems with one piece of software.

The latest revision of ICON supports multiple system configurations using a single software installation. With this functionality, users can leverage their investment in a single top end PC based controller for a range of systems. The multiple configuration feature is accessible in ICON Suite, the highest tier application offered by Inuktun. A configuration file is provided to the client for each system purchased; several system configuration files can be loaded in a single installation of ICON and simply selected as required, when the software loads.

ICON Interface

Each configuration file (.icfg extension) tells the software what devices are included in a specific system configuration. The operations panel in ICON only displays the valid devices within the configuration and the user interface is optimized for those specific modules.

Using ICON’s permission management feature, user groups can be created with specific permissions that can be used to define which features a user has access to and what the default configuration should be. If necessary, a user group can even be locked into a single configuration. This allows larger organizations to provide only certain features or control capabilities to individual operators, reducing the possibility for errors in the field. Just like the rest of our technology, Inuktun’s fleet of control software is Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™).

The simple sophistication of Inuktun’s Control and Operations Application, ICON, allows operators to spend their time performing the remote visual inspection (RVI) and nondestructive testing (NDT) requirements on the job, rather than taking up time trying to navigate multiple controllers and cumbersome stations. Contact our technical sales team to learn how ICON can provide the efficiency gains that matter when it comes to your RVI and NDT needs today.