Inuktun's PC Controller is on a Roll

The evolution of Inuktun’s control system continues! Check out one of our recent product line additions – a full PC control system integrated into a new roller case, offering added protection and portability. And while the hardware is getting a boost, users can also look forward to proprietary software improvements that provide advanced reporting with accurate, reliable and consistent data collection.

Inuktun is actively expanding and upgrading the capabilities of its Windows® based software control and reporting systems, ICON and InPRO. Because most users are already familiar with Windows®, the training requirements are minimal; operators can easily make the switch from Inuktun’s earlier analog style controller to the integrated PC controller. The latest control systems can work with any of the more recent crawler products and our full line of Spectrum™ cameras and, because it’s all modular and digital, adding custom sensors and other equipment is fast and simple. The new universal controller includes a durable, rackmount roller case incorporating the system power supply, a desktop PC with ICON and InPRO software, and a pull-out monitor and keyboard. Best of all, the new software systems are fully compatible with Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology; as technology improves and your robot fleet expands we can upgrade your software to ensure you always have the latest and greatest capabilities.

Inuktun PC Control System in Roller Case

Be in control and on the roll! Contact us to discuss upgrade options based on your specific requirements today, and look out for more information on other controller options in future blog posts.