IM3 Technology Offers Green Alternative

With a growing demand for de-icing solutions offered by helicopters to service frozen and non-functioning wind turbines, it’s got us thinking that there has to be a better way. Renewable energy continues to expand throughout the North American energy sector with rationale that wind turbines prevent global warming by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being returned to the environment from the burning of fossil fuels. While the effort is valiant, using a helicopter to deliver water that is typically heated overnight using a truck equipped with an oil burner is blatantly counterproductive to the primary goal of wind farms.

Not only is this process counterproductive, it typically requires a helicopter pilot, an operator to control the sprayer and a person at the truck to rapidly refill the empty tank. The estimated cost to de-ice a turbine is equivalent to two days of electricity. Some turbines have been designed with an electric heating foil on the rotor blades to prevent ice growth, but what about the others? Known as the industry solution provider, Inuktun offers OnSpec Custom Solutions that cater exactly to these kind of predicaments. One operator can deploy a robust magnetic crawler vehicle built on our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology that can be used to inspect and provide de-icing solutions with the integration of a sprayer tool. Check out this video of our MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler performing a remote visual inspection on a wind turbine here, and look forward to an upcoming blog on another recent wind turbine inspection.


Inuktun’s OnSpec Custom Solutions integrate and mobilize your instruments and nondestructive testing tools like this one for POWERCHINA. Our IM3 technology can simplify service and minimize a loss to production time. When you stack the benefits of airborne de-icing solutions for wind turbines offered by helicopter operators next to an OnSpec Custom Solution that requires one operator and leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint, who is the real winner?

Like we said, there has to be a better way. Contact our team for a specialized solution to your specific industrial inspection and remote operation problems today!