Elevating Your Control Options

Last week we shared news about our advanced integrated PC controller in a roller case; today we discuss a controller upgrade option that reflects the evolution of our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology. The Inuktun engineering team has been working hard to ensure your inspection equipment offers intuitive control and easy data collection, making your job easier no matter what the application or industry.

Inuktun’s laptop style controller with this new upgrade option is no exception. And we’re ready to elevate your controller operations… literally. We introduce Inuktun’s Command and Carry Case – the laptop compatible controller option that provides portability, protection and simplified operation. The user-friendly design fits in a 1600 Pelican® case allowing for the interface box and mounted laptop to be rapidly deployed in environments where a tabletop or equipment rack is not available. The Command and Carry Case consists of an interface box that sits under the laptop equipped with proprietary ICON and InPRO software for report generation, and a mounted mousepad for convenience, all within a rugged shipping case. When you want to use the Command and Carry Case controller, the laptop lifts up and shifts forward providing easy access to the system connections and keyboard. When an inspection is complete, the Command and Carry Case folds down so you can effectively close the lid and easily transport the system.

Frequently paired with the MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler, this new control system option is a complete departure from our first-generation analog systems. Inuktun continues to evolve our IM3 controllers and the rest of our proven product line. Elevate the control options of your next remote visual inspection by contacting us to discuss upgrade options today.