Inuktun Cameras a-la-carte

All too often we see and hear surprise when our customers discover that Inuktun not only offers robust robotic crawlers for remote inspections, but that our cameras are also available on their own. Like the rest of our products, the Spectrum™ cameras are truly Multi-Mission Modular, and they offer some of the most advanced imaging capabilities on the market. All our cameras have built-in LED lighting with pan and tilt capabilities, and they work both in air or underwater. Our ICON and InPRO software control systems provide innovative recording and reporting capabilities – whether they are part of a complete crawler system or a standalone RVI tool.

With the new Global Inspection Cameras Market 2017-2021 report forecasting a 9.9% growth rate, we want to set record straight: Inuktun’s Spectrum™ cameras can be purchased for independent and OEM use.

Ranging from the tiny 45 millimetre minimum diameter Spectrum 45™ all the way up to full 1080p HD video from our newest lightweight Spectrum 120HD™ PTZ, the features and benefits are notable. The art and science of Inuktun’s technology is apparent across the full Spectrum™ product line, and our proven systems can be relied upon to get the critical data assessments you require.

Learn about our new camera features and capabilities by contacting our friendly and knowledgeable sales team today, and see it for yourself!