High Five for Top Five

Recently, Inuktun was identified by Yahoo Finance, Business Wire, and a number of other publications as one of the top five vendors of inspection robots. We’ll gladly accept the bragging rights! Not only do they place Inuktun in the top five, but some of the other key vendors are also Inuktun customers. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a leading provider of standard and customer robotic systems that “…operate under harsh and challenging industrial environments”.

IGoRR, Fermilab OnSpec Custom Solution

Built on our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) foundation, our robotic components and camera systems can be assembled into standard products for traditional applications, or they can be utilized as part of a specialized solutions that our OnSite Standard Products and OnDemand Specialty Systems can’t quite solve. For example, take a look at the grout removal robot, affectionately called IGoRR by the engineers at Fermilab, here. This OnSpec Custom Solution, built on our standard Versatrax 150™ crawler, was used to remove 50 gallons of rock-hard grout from inside the Fermilab Neutrino-Muon beamline.

Our IM3 technology conveniently lends itself to obscure remote inspection, tooling and sensing challenges in difficult circumstances and inhospitable environments. Contact our #1 team for a solution to your industrial challenge today!