Getting out of (or into) a slippery situation with Inuktun’s Crawler Tracks

Inuktun Minitrac Crawler Track for Remote Visual Inspection

When it comes to performing remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) in hostile environments and confined spaces, Inuktun’s line of OnSite Versatrax™ pipe inspection vehicles are always up to the challenge. Our rugged robotic crawlers regularly operate in difficult conditions and demanding environments with sandy, slippery or silt covered surfaces. And, thanks to our Multi‑Mission Modular (IM3) technology, special configurations are easily implemented to ensure the best possible traction in almost any situation.

The standard Microtrac™ and Minitrac™ crawler modules used on the Versatrax™ systems incorporate specially made belts with high durability natural rubber lugs. When extra grip is needed in slippery situations we offer two options: increased friction with a lower durometer (softer) rubber belt, or carbide studs installed directly into the lugs (this is the same technique used for car tires, in extremely slippery winter conditions). Plus, additional weights can be added to the vehicle to improve traction or, when operating on ferrous surfaces, magnet modules offer greatly improved performance. And we’re not done yet… many of the Versatrax™ crawlers are available with special enhancement hardware that pushes against the top of the pipe to maximize the downward force on the tracks. This ensures maximum traction and vehicle stability – in some cases it even allows for vertical travel.

Best of all, these OnSite accessories are available off-the-shelf for new and existing Versatrax™ pipe inspection systems. You may recall a previous #InuktunInTheWild sighting where clients modified their own track belts for increased traction; we also offer OnSpec Custom Solutions when remote inspection challenges aren’t easily addressed by our standard products. One case in point is the custom robot Inuktun created for inspecting the world’s largest copper mine.

Whatever your needs, Inuktun’s pipe inspection crawler systems come with the tools and options to make sure you can get where you need to go. Contact our team for more information on our IM3 technology for your RVI and NDT needs in hazardous environments and confined spaces today.