It’s a small (pipe inspection) world after all

The latest pipe inspection vehicle to be added to Inuktun’s OnSite Standard Products, the Versatrax 50™ miniature robotic crawler, is getting around! Featured most recently by Revast, Inuktun’s channel partner in Japan, the Versatrax 50™ is the spotlight of the oldest monthly magazine in Japan’s electric power industry. And back at our headquarter continent, the VT50 pipe inspection vehicle stole the show at a recent meeting in New Orleans. With the ability to travel both horizontally and vertically through 50 millimetre (2 inch) to 100 millimetre (four inch) pipelines, the Versatrax 50™ is the industrial solution to otherwise inaccessible confined spaces including heat exchangers, coiled tubing, drill riser auxiliary lines, and small diameter water or sewer service lines.

Featuring real time colour video from a small and nearly indestructible front-facing Crystal Cam® Onyx™ or an optional Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera, the Versatrax 50™ can be easily adapted with sensors such as ultrasonic testing (UT) probes, leak detectors or other specialty tooling used for remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing. With tether lengths up to 100 metres (330 feet) and a depth rating of 60 metres (200 feet), this smallest in class man-portable robotic crawler system works in air or underwater making it ideal for mining shaft and borehole inspection, confined space entry in nuclear facilities, onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline inspection and for upstream to downstream pipe inspection in the petrochemical industry.

Contact Inuktun directly or through our global agents for more information on the Versatrax 50™ pipe inspection vehicle for your confined space entry remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing challenges today.