Inuktun the latest Robotics Company to join the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative

Inuktun InCommand Robotics at SPRINT Robotics Seminar

Inuktun InCommand Robotics at SPRINT Robotics Seminar

Did you know that human confined space entry (CSE) for inspection is responsible for up to 80% of asset downtime? Recognizing that the use of robots significantly reduces and avoids asset downtime, the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative - an industry driven initiative that promotes the development and application of robots in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors - and Inuktun make an ideal fit with the collaborative’s initiative to fast track the market readiness of inspection robot solutions. The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative recently welcomed Inuktun as an active participant.

Our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology reduces the need for human intervention in confined spaces and hazardous environments. System downtime is the dominant factor in the costs associated with inspection; Inuktun’s robotic camera and crawler systems are the efficiency gain solution operators have been searching for, saving man entry preparation costs and potentially saving downtime costs by performing in-service inspections. Our IM3 technology can be found inspecting pipelines, above ground tanks, pressure vessels and other infrastructure commonly found in your industry. With a proven track record for executing RVI and maintenance tasks at high or difficult to reach locations, our line of miniature magnetic crawlers reduce inspection preparation time and costly expenses of scaffolding or insulation removal. Associated health risks for such activities are no longer an issue without direct human intervention. Not only do our remote inspection vehicles like the MaggHD™ high definition miniature magnetic crawler or MaggUT™ ultrasonic testing economical crawler save operational costs, they also allow for more frequent inspections and the close monitoring of possible defects. More inspections equal less unplanned maintenance or catastrophic events: Win-Win.

According to the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative, the most common drivers for decision making in the petrochemical industry are improving safety and environmental performance, increasing operational efficiency and reducing or avoiding costs. With our industry driven technological advances, Inuktun is excited to be a key contributor to the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative and offer innovative and effective solutions for the structural integrity assessment and maintenance of capital assets.

Inuktun a Participant of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative

Learn more about Inuktun’s robotic camera and crawler solutions for remote visual inspection (RVI) in confined spaces and see exactly how we fit with the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative: the global industry platform for inspection and maintenance robotics.