Spot, the difference

Inuktun Spot versus Flood Light Comparison (Click to Enlarge)

Almost anyone who carries out remote visual inspection (RVI) work in confined spaces will tell you - more light gives better results. Even though camera technology has improved performance dramatically in recent years, the best image quality and highest contrast can only be realized when the area is fully illuminated. Inuktun offers a line of easy to use and very bright light modules­ that work independently or with our crawler systems, and now we have a new option for the Spectrum 90™ and Spectrum 120™ PTZ cameras. Until recently, these cameras were only available with high intensity LED flood lights; ideal for working in smaller or well-lit areas, but fairly limited at longer distances.

Inuktun engineers, working closely with world leading optics research company INO, have developed a miniature LED spot light module that fits directly into the SP90 and SP120 camera heads, replacing existing flood lights. By combining the spot and flood modules, the cameras can be optimized for use in almost any environment. As shown in the infographic, when two flood lights are replaced with two spot lights in a Spectrum 120HD™ camera, the total light is five times brighter – and the images are dramatically improved.

When combined with options for extendable poles, cable deployment, or integration with crawler systems, the new lights offer industry leading results when inspecting across a range of applications including nuclear fuel pools, storage tanks, rail cars, wells, boreholes, pressure vessels or caissons.

Our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology is continuously offering improvements in both the way remote inspections can be carried out, and the quality of the results. Contact our technical sales team today to learn more about our Spectrum™ PTZ camera lighting options, or any of our remotely operated robotic crawler and inspection system technology.