Introducing the MiniMag™ Miniature Magnetic Crawler

Inuktun is excited to announce the MiniMag™ miniature magnetic crawler - the newest addition to the OnDemand Specialty System family. Like all of our OnDemand remotely operated robotic crawler systems, the MiniMag™ is a specialized solution for additional infrequent, extraordinary, or out-of-scope assessments and interventions. Bigger and more powerful than our other magnetic crawlers (but still “miniature” by industry standards), the MiniMag™ is an ideal platform for for structural integrity inspections and remote cleaning operations in inaccessible or unsafe environments.

Inuktun MiniMag™ Miniature Magnetic Crawler

Featuring a pair of rugged and waterproof Minitrac™ crawler modules and a Spectrum 90™ pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) inspection camera, the system works effectively in air, underwater to 60 metres (200 feet) and even at the splash zone. Designed around our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) philosophy, this system offers options for a rear or forward-facing Crystal Cam® camera, auxiliary lights, cleaning tools (brushes or water jets), non-destructive testing (NDT) sensors, or a range of other third party payloads. It’s a perfect tool for inspection and cleaning of ship hulls, storage tanks, pressure vessels, or any other ferrous surfaces above ground or below the waterline.

For more information on the MiniMag™ and our IM3 technology for your remote operations, contact our expert team today. Or come see us at the 7th annual Global FPSO conference in Houston, August 29-31 – and see the MiniMag™ in person!