Keeping a Low Profile – Inuktun’s Latest Development Project

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and traditional remote visual inspection (RVI) has proven it time and time again. But everyone in the asset integrity inspection business knows that more information is better; adding other sensors and non-destructive testing tools to a robotic crawler can mean finding a flaw that would otherwise go undetected. That’s why Inuktun’s in-house engineers are actively designing a laser pipe profiler (patent pending!) to add to our collection of OnSite Standard Product accessories. In the company of our proven manipulators, auxiliary lights, high definition camera heads and more, Inuktun’s new laser profiler will provide inspectors with accurate measurements of the inside of pipes, ducts or other similar structures.

Currently under development, this new tool will be configured for high quality image profiling and analysis of 100 to 610 millimetre (4 to 24 inch) pipes, in air or underwater to depths of 60 metres (200 feet). Built on our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology, the laser profiler will integrate with any Inuktun robotic crawler and is easily controlled with our ICON and InPRO software. Or, for customers with existing crawler systems, the laser profiler can also be integrated into third party products.

Designed to provide high resolution internal pipeline measurements before and after rehabilitation, Inuktun’s laser profiler projects a laser light ring onto a pipe surface and uses a high resolution wide angle camera to triangulate the distance. Raw data will be acquired directly with ICON control software, while InPRO provides post-processing of the data for detailed client reports. The resulting profile information can be used to verify pipe and liner installations, assess remaining useful life, or measure the state of defects, joints and partial collapses. The final reports will allow owners to monitor corrosion and erosion, and plan rehabilitation or replacement.

Expected for commercial release in Q4 of 2017, Inuktun’s laser profiler will be a “must-have” for anyone in the pipe inspection business. Follow our blog and subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to be kept in the loop and to stay on TRACK.

For more information on any of Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology for your remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing needs, contact our expert sales team today.