The Unexpected Inspected with IM3 Technology

Inspectors performing routine pipe inspections can typically expect to measure corrosion, cracks, anomalies and debris during a structural integrity assessment, but to discover a potential ordnance device in the North Sea probably isn’t anticipated. A recent article published by Energy Voice explains the potential threat surrounding an artillery device that was discovered by a remotely operated vehicle during a routine inspection.

The ROV discovered the device while surveying the Strathspey pipelines on a seabed only 130 metres from the Ninian Central platform. The Ninian, Lyell and Columbia oil fields are situated only 386 kilometres away from Aberdeen, Scotland – also home to Inuktun Europe Ltd. Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology isn’t unfamiliar with dealing with similar circumstances.

While not a main focus for the Versatrax 100™ pipe inspection system, this crawler has been used to combat underground threats in Afghanistan. Military units in the Middle East conducted trials with our Versatrax™ pipe inspection vehicles to verify their performance overcoming deployment and mobility challenges. What our OnSite Standard Products can’t overcome, an OnSpec Custom Solution adapts readily available technology to overcome obstacles like those found in this challenging environment.

Built to handle the most inhospitable environments, our robotic crawler and inspection camera systems provide remote visual inspection faster and more intuitively than other nondestructive testing techniques used. Contact our sales team to learn more about how our products can solve your outside-the-box challenges today!