How to Get the Most Out of Your MaggUT™ - Marine for Ultrasonic Testing

Inuktun MaggUT™ - Marine magnetic crawler

The MaggUT™ - Marine (MUM) miniature magnetic crawler —the waterproof version of the MaggUT™— was designed for remote visual inspection (RVI) and ultrasonic testing (UT) with one system. It comes standard with a Cygnus Instruments UT dual element probe for measuring the thickness of capital assets like ship hulls, pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels and other infrastructure commonly found in the nuclear, petrochemical, oil and gas and a number of other industries. The magnetic robotic crawler is easily deployed and requires no specialized training to operate. But if you’re the proud owner of the MUM, you already know all that. Today we offer a tech tip to get the most out of your MaggUT™ - Marine using the interchangeable probes.

The MUM comes standard with the Cygnus Twin (T5B) Standard Dual Element Probe suitable for most applications, including heavily corroded and pitted steels. Using our IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) adaptable design makes it easy to swap in the optional Cygnus Single (SC2) Single Element Probe.

Cygnus UT Probes

Dual versus single element probe is a matter of coating and thickness...

The T5B Twin Crystal (dual element) standard probe is recommended for the majority of applications in Echo-Echo or Single-Echo modes. The T5B in Echo-Echo mode, can read through coatings up to 1mm/0.04in thick. The T5B in Single-Echo mode can only be used on bare surfaces or where coatings have been removed.

The optional S2C Single Crystal probe can also be used in the majority of applications and can read through coatings up to 20mm/0.8in thick with the gauge in Deep Coat mode.

How to interchange single and double element probes:

The MaggUT - Marine™ system supports both the Cygnus Twin Crystal (T5B) and the Cygnus Single Crystal (S2C) UT probes. The UT probe mechanism and housing are different between the two types. While the linkages and fasteners are the same, the probe holder is designed specifically for each probe type. Note that the parallel line on the Twin Crystal (T5B) UT probe must be orientated parallel to the pipe (as shown) for use in pipe inspections.

The UT probe mechanism is mounted to the MaggUT-Marine™ actuator by hooking the spring through the manipulator bracket hole and arm hole on each side and inserting the 4 x M4x14mm Socket Head screws and 2 x M4x16mm Pan Head screws, as shown below.



Important: Note that the parallel line on the Twin Crystal (T5B) UT Probe must be orientated parallel to the pipe (as shown) for use in pipe inspections.

Important: Note that a stopper can be added to prevent the rotate function if required. Contact the factory to request the rotate stopper.

For more information on the MaggUT™ - Marine and the rest of our IM3™ technology for your RVI, UT and nondestructive testing (NDT) requirements, contact our technical sales team now.