Small Talk

We spend a lot of time focusing on the BIG picture; so maybe it’s no surprise we forget to talk about all the good things that come in small packages. And in reality, small is a really BIG part of what we do. Getting through small pipes, risers and restricted access areas to perform remote visual inspection (RVI) requires compact technology - and we’ve got your covered. From the diminutive NanoMag™ to the latest Versatrax 50™ pipe inspection system, there is almost no place Inuktun’s miniature crawler systems cannot go!  

Both of these systems can be used with Inuktun’s Spectrum 45™ inspection camera - the smallest pan and tilt camera in our line-up, at 45 millimetres (or 1.75 inches) in diameter. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, this colour camera can operate in air or underwater, at depths up to 150 metres (or 500 feet). Or, it can be customized for your specific requirements. Take a look at this OnSpec Custom Solution example that BC Hydro employed for performing remote visual inspection of long runs of small diameter conduits using Inuktun’s Spectrum 45™ camera.

Our newest crawler track, the Picotrac™,  is now available as a stand-alone module or built into our tiniest pipe inspection crawler, the Versatrax 50™. At only 320 millimetres long and 37 millimetres wide (or 12.5in by 1.4in), the Versatrax 50™ miniature inspection crawler comes standard with two Picotracs™ and a Crystal Cam® Onyx camera to inspect pipes and other tight spaces as small as 50 millimetres (or 2 inches) in diameter. Stay tuned for an #InuktunInTheWild sighting that deployed an inspection crawler mimicking Versatrax 50™ technology to help engineers finally see conditions of a seemingly impossible to reach capital asset for the first time since being built!

Sometimes less is more. Take a look at the small meaning behind the numbers in Inuktun’s product lineup. Partner with us to reach the unreachable and see the unseen – contact us today to learn how today!

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