Inuktun Sighting #140: OnSpec Custom Solution Offers First Look at Underside of Tanks Found at Hanford

Insert great achievement moment here: this #InuktunInTheWild sighting signifies the successful maiden voyage related to the Hanford tank inspection project. You may recall our previous articles on Inuktun’s involvement with Veolia, who were subcontracted to Washington River Protection Solutions (WPRS) for the tank inspection at The Hanford Site – a decommissioned nuclear production complex. And, in case you missed it, you can check out Inuktun’s original white paper on the Marsupial Miniature Robotic Crawler System for Camera and Sensor Deployment in Nuclear Waste Double Shell Tank Refractory Air Slots here. From proof of concept to preliminary design to manufactured prototype, we are pleased to share this OnSpec custom marsupial crawler in action today.

Marsupial Inspection Crawler

Earlier this week an article was published by the US Office of Environmental Management, “Robotic Crawlers Inspect Bottom of Hanford Double-Shell Tank”, which highlights how Inuktun’s visual inspection platform gives engineers a comprehensive look at the underside of the primary double-shell tank (DTS) for the FIRST time. According to the article, the Office of River Protection (ORP) and WRPS are thrilled with the results, “The inspections revealed that the tank bottom and refractory pad appear to be in excellent condition with no signs of significant degradation.” Inuktun has been able to solve the long, unanswered need of being able to visually inspect the bottom of primary tanks. “Developing and implementing tools to visually inspect the underbelly of primary tanks will help us achieve our ultimate goal to support extended service lives of the double-shell tanks”, comments WRPS engineer, Jason Gunter.

The project has successfully accomplished two “firsts” - not only has it allowed engineers to see underneath these tanks, but it also represents the first-ever confined space deployment of a truly “marsupial” robotic system. Inuktun’s OnSpec custom marsupial crawler will likely be upgraded to support more comprehensive inspections with the advent of new nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies. According to ORP’s deputy federal project director for tank farms, Jeremy Johnson, “…we’re eager to advance these platforms and develop additional sensors that will help us learn more about the condition of the tank bottoms, much like we currently do for the tank walls.”

What once appeared as an impossible problem has now been solved with the power of IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology. What unique inspection challenge are you currently faced with? Contact Inuktun to learn about your remote visual inspection (RVI) and NDT options that will help create your own great achievement moment and TRANSFORM THE FUTURE.