Putting the Versatility in Versatrax™ and Making it Count


Our Versatrax 100™ Mark II modular crawler is one of the best examples of the truly adaptable nature of IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology. The miniature pipe inspection vehicle was launched earlier this year and has been astoundingly well received by the industry. We’ve since introduced a configuration option, the Cable Drive, that allows the system to push cable and even climb it — and today we share another advancement for this innovative robotic inspection crawler.

An ultrasonic testing (UT) Olympus D790 probe has been implemented in a new VT100 Mark II vehicle configuration for inspectors requiring thickness measurement data. A brand-new hinged chassis allows for effective operation inside and outside of pipelines, on steel walls, or curved surfaces. The included magnet kit enables climbing and inverted operation on a wide range of ferrous surfaces, where the UT probe can be used to quantify metal loss (using A-Scan or B-Scan and a separate thickness gauge; not included).

Typically, the Versatrax 100™ Mark II comes with a Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt inspection camera; however, you’ll notice that this robotic platform can be fitted with Inuktun’s Spectrum 90™, one of the most popular PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras on the market. With optional lasers for detailed inspection and the convenience of switching to drop camera operation, the Mark II offers inspectors the flexibility to inspect the unexpected. The versatility of this robust inspection crawler provides an all-in-one solution for small and medium sized pipes, tanks, ships, boreholes or similar confined spaces where a downhole camera is needed. And the new universal controller can be used with most of our camera systems and smaller crawlers, without changing any hardware!

It only counts if it can be measured – the Versatrax 100™ Mark II provides the repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventative data required by asset owners and operators. Contact us to learn more about the Versatrax 100™ Mark II and the rest of our IM3™ technology fleet today!