Inuktun Sighting #143: OnSpec Custom Solution for Oceaneering

Oceaneering solves tough challenges differently, creatively, and smarter with a truly innovative portfolio of technologies and solutions that can adapt and evolve to specific requirements. As a regular Inuktun customer, Oceaneering employs IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology to provide services primarily to the offshore energy industry. Their latest procurement demonstrates exactly how they set themselves apart from the competition to offer a capability otherwise unavailable.

Inuktun’s in-house engineers recently developed two OnSpec custom robotic inspection systems based on the OnSite standard MaggUT™ - Marine miniature magnetic crawler. While the off-the-shelf product provides basic ultrasonic testing (UT), Oceaneering’s unique vehicles also offer detection and sizing of surface cracks in metals through coatings using an integrated ACFM® (or alternating current field measurement) sensor. This is particularly useful when inspecting underwater structural welds. According to TSC NDT – Eddyfi Technologies, ACFM’s lower cleaning requirements and fewer false calls mean inspections are significantly shorter and more cost-effective. A vehicle that offers remote visual inspection (RVI), UT and ACFM® is an industry first, and a reflection of Inuktun’s continued mandate to provide repeatable, actionable and meaningful data.

And here’s another industry first! Take a look at this #InuktunInTheWild sighting that shows a marsupial robotic crawler system that allowed engineers to see —for the first time since being built— the underside of double-shelled tanks at the Hanford site!

In the crowded and competitive inspection services landscape, being able to collect more and better data is critical. With Inuktun’s OnSpec Custom Solutions, inspectors can get the specific information required to make integral and strategic business decisions for the remaining useful life of capital assets and infrastructure. In an era where the need to operate aging assets at high capacities for longer periods, structural integrity assessments require as much detailed information as possible. Trust Inuktun for your data collection requirements. Contact us today to learn how our IM3™ technology can help solve your RVI and NDT challenges today!

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