Do the Robot

Inuktun Manipulator Arms

Our robots are really robots… but what does that mean? Expectations have changed so much, some people now believe a person inside a costume is actually a robot. Earlier this month, a seemingly advanced robot called ‘Boris’ impressed Russian state TV viewers and attendees at a youth tech forum in Yaroslavl – but as it turns out, Boris was just an actor in a robot suit. Take a look at the awkward reveal here.

Transformer lookalikes serving tea, round disks doing your vacuuming, and something resembling a dog that could double as a terrifying Halloween decoration… Robotics is a diluted term where Inuktun has created a niche for true workhorse tools performing valuable industrial services. Our robots are already saving time, money and lives – and allowing people to do things that probably could not be done otherwise (check out this article on Enabling, Not Replacing, Humans). IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology is regularly deployed in radioactive environments, deep underwater, extremely confined spaces and in high temperatures. Our robotic inspection crawlers may not be able to shake your hand (although it will give a hand to its fellow NanoMag™), but they’re allowing their human operators to transform the future – no small feat.

Take a look at Humanoid Error: How to fall (back) on your bot. When it comes to getting the hard work done inspecting tall wind turbines, offshore oil platforms, nuclear waste storage tanks, or even Mako sharksInuktun’s robotic crawler and inspection cameras deliver reliable, actionable, meaningful and preventative data in real-time.

Want to meet a real ‘bot? Contact our sales team today to setup an onsite product demonstration for your remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing needs!