How Are We Doing?

We want your feedback. No seriously… tell us how we’re doing!

As a regular customer of Inuktun, you’ve likely received a request from your sales rep asking for feedback about the service you received and your opinion on the product purchased or rented. It’s likely you’re inundated with emails, and we totally get it if Inuktun’s survey gets set aside given the other demands on your time.

It’s almost a meaningless phrase when we hear ‘your opinion matters’ because at the end of most surveys, there is no direct benefit to the effort you put in to tell vendors your thoughts. When you consider that a large number of Inuktun’s off-the-shelf OnSite Standard Products and OnDemand Specialty Systems came from client requests, your opinion really does matter here on the production floor. In fact, we depend on it to ensure that we provide you with the precise inspection robotic camera or crawler solution for your specific requirements.

We appreciate the opportunity to review your suggestions for improvement, and we’re happy to receive any kudos you want to give when Inuktun gets it right. We really want to hear it all.

Feel free to complete our anonymous online customer survey here, or pick up the phone and chat with our sales team who would love to hear from you! Hey, you can even email the editor here if you want to talk ABOUT our sales team (or better yet, let me know the one thing you can think of that would make doing business with Inuktun better).

At Inuktun, we’re transforming the future. Your opinion can help change what that looks like. Contact us today, and we’ll throw some Inuktun swag your way in appreciation for your time.