A camera in hand is worth two in the bush

Take matters into your own hands.

Our team continues to work hands-on developing world class technology that solves industry problems left otherwise unanswered. Much of Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology was designed in response to a client request, and the creation of an OnSpec custom Spectrum HD Handheld™ camera required to conduct a manned inspection was no exception.

When a Texas based catalyst cleaning company was faced with an inspection requirement to monitor operations, they turned to Inuktun. Initially we proposed the Spectrum 120HD™ PTZ camera based on its 1080p high definition capabilities, but it soon became evident that an even more durable solution was required for the physically challenging environment. Not formally introduced before, the Spectrum HD Handheld™ camera was developed based on IM3™ technology and per requirement, enabled the client to remotely manage cleaning operations and assess post-cleaned vessels and reactors while keeping plant shutdown time to a minimum

Hold the phone, err, camera. Typically we talk about unmanned inspections - this OnSpec Custom Solution is actually a ruggedized tool for manned evaluations. With the many known dangers associated with Confined Space Entries (CSEs) — and in this case, a space that is flooded with asphyxiating 100% nitrogen — the Spectrum HD Handheld™ camera system promotes increased safety with two portable cameras. The cameras transmit video back to the operations controller using Inuktun’s proprietary control software, ICON, confirming and monitoring both the workers safety and the job completion. One handheld camera shows the worker performing the cleaning while the other camera is placed above him or her giving the controller a clear view of the worker’s surroundings and verification of the cleaning being performed.

Beyond this application, the Spectrum HD Handheld™ is a reliable and robust option for performing manned structural integrity assessments of catalyst towers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and other capital assets in any sector. The accompanying easy-to-use software offers video overlay providing a precise time, date and vessel number for each inspection. Able to adapt to customer requirements for atypical conditions, this OnSpec Custom Solution has added shock absorption with rubber springs and foam suspended in-between the camera so that it is truly shock resistant (check out this video for behind-the-scenes testing).

What can we do for you? Whatever inspection situation you may need a hand with, consider our IM3™ technology for an efficient and reliable solution for your structural integrity assessments and remote monitoring. You’re in good hands with Inuktun; contact us today to learn more.