Putting the Power in Prevention

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology is utilized in some of the harshest environments found across a range of industries including nuclear, petrochemical, oil and gas, mining and more. Just like the vehicle you drive, these workhorse systems need regular tune-ups to ensure they continue to perform effectively and efficiently in the long term. That’s why our customer service department has developed preventative maintenance packages to maximize the operating life of your remote visual inspection (RVI) camera and crawler equipment.

No Rust for the Protected - click image for related blog post

No Rust for the Protected - click image for related blog post

Inuktun’s Microtrac™ and Minitrac™ crawler modules tend to take the brunt of the abuse when operating in pipes, tanks or other confined spaces. So, we offer two options for standard maintenance: a basic service package that includes a full tear down, inspection, and replacement of all wear items, and an advanced service package that includes motor, connector and track belt replacement. Similar options are available for the full line of Spectrum™ cameras. And, with all our service packages, the modules are re-tested and re-certified to original factory standards.

So… when should you get your maintenance done?  Unlike your truck, IM3™ technology doesn’t just need service after a certain number of miles; it’s a little more complicated. Operators need to consider the type of environment, the nature of their operations, and the amount of use and abuse the system is subjected to on a regular basis. For example, systems that are used to inspect in-service sewer lines or continuously monitor a subsea environment on a daily basis should probably undergo basic maintenance (at least!) twice per year. But a magnetic crawler that is only being used to periodically investigate wind turbine blades or power plant’s nuclear reactors might be able to go two or three years between service appointments. With the wide range of applications and usage for IM3™ equipment, it’s always best to contact your Inuktun representative for expert advice; our team can recommend when your robotic inspection equipment would best benefit from a little TLC to ensure a long, productive lifespan.

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