GYRFALCON UAS Joins Inuktun’s Selling Force

Inuktun and GYRFALCON

Inuktun is pleased to introduce our newest channel partner, GYRFALCON™ Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Inc. Based in Ontario, GYRFALCON UAS helps companies understand, adopt and implement innovative UAS technologies that reduce inspection costs and increase operational safety. With a broad experience working on a variety of large scale infrastructure, oil and gas, energy, telecommunications, intelligent transportation systems and mining projects with various global engineering design build firms, GYRFALCON has great synergy with Inuktun to provide data collection services using innovative solutions including IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology to help clients acquire infrastructure, mapping and surveying, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) data.

From Alex Rand of GYRFALCON: "Both our customers and us were seeking innovative approaches to obtain critical visual data in very challenging structural environments more safely, quickly and with greater details. Through now being able to offer the complete Inuktun robotic crawler product line, we can truly augment our current offerings by offering a comprehensive solution. We believe safety is paramount and the inherent magnetic design of the tethered MaggHD™ robotic crawler for example, enables it to stick to infrastructure assets such as bridges and wind turbine power generation facilities where regulations, operational requirements and environmental impacts prevent UAS/UAV (drone) access when and as needed. Quite simply, Airborne Data plus Ground Data equals ALL DATA. We genuinely welcome the opportunity to work with the experienced, professional and high-caliber Inuktun team!"

Inuktun’s President and CEO, Colin Dobell, echoes GYRFALCON’s enthusiasm, “Alex and his team work in some areas where we don’t have much presence; we’re excited to work with GYRFALCON to access some new markets and applications.”

For more information on GYRFALCON UAS, visit their website here, and to learn more about IM3™ technology for your remote visual inspection (RVI) and nondestructive testing (NDT) requirements, contact our team today!