Inuktun Sighting #120: The Versatrax 150™ at the end of the Tunnel

This week’s #InuktunInTheWild sighting is courtesy of the City of Nanaimo who recently rented Inuktun’s Versatrax 150™ pipe inspection crawler for inspecting a tunnel in the watershed located at Jump Lake.

The rental inspection system, with 500 feet (150 metres) of tether cable, had no problem navigating the 285-foot clean concrete run. Designed for confined spaces as small as 150mm, the Versatrax 150™ effortlessly navigated the 4x5ft tunnel leading to a grade and sluice gate that was the subject of investigation at the top end.

The operators were impressed with the system during a demonstration and training session at Inuktun’s Nanaimo headquarters. They confirmed that the Versatrax 150™ crawler performed as expected in the field, and they were able to observe the areas of concern.

Inuktun’s fleet of rental equipment is not only available to our local clients but also worldwide through our global network of distributors. If a quick delivery, short-term solution is what you need, contact us today to learn more about the systems we have available for remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing operations!

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