Crawl Before You Climb with the Versatrax 100™ Mark II Cable Drive

Earlier this year we announced the newest addition to the Inuktun OnSite Standard Products line-up: the Versatrax 100™ Mark II modular crawler. Today we are excited to launch yet another innovative option to further enhance the capabilities of this adaptable robotic crawler system.

The Versatrax 100™ Mark II Cable Drive is a configuration option that allows the system to climb cables, wires or ropes – perfect for visual or NDT (nondestructive testing) inspection applications. But that’s not all! The Cable Drive doubles as a probe pusher for remotely deploying sensors and devices into pipes, ducts and confined spaces (think of eddy current tube testing). The standard Microtracs™, which normally form the crawler portion of the Versatrax™ system, are rearranged to clamp onto the outside of the cable (or wire, or rope, or small diameter pipe). And, because it is all built on our IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology, it’s easy to add cameras, tools or other sensors as needed for your specific inspection requirements.

Truly modular and completely configurable, the vehicle connects directly to a Versatrax 100™ Mark II tether cable and utilizes all the same control, power and camera technology. With the multitude of options available, the applications are virtually limitless. The complete Cable Drive configuration is lightweight (approximately 7kg/15lb) making it ideal for transport around power plants, refineries or petrochemical facilities. But is also packs a lot of power with a maximum push/pull rating* of more than 18 kilograms (40 pounds). And don’t forget – the standard Versatrax 100™ Mark II system is still great for inspecting pipes, ducts, tanks, wells, caissons – and more!

To learn more about the Versatrax 100™ Mark II and all the available options for your complete inspection package, contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team now. Want to see it for yourself? Request an invitation to our next QUILL (Quarterly Inuktun Lunch and Learn) session taking place at our Pasadena, Texas, office on July 26th, or request an onsite demo by one of our worldwide offices at your location.

* Short term/intermittent rating