Robots for Sale!

It’s that time of year again – when we review our pool of rental and demo equipment, and offer special pricing on slightly used, previous generation or overstocked items. In fact, some of our customers have already been asking what is going to be on our sales list, and what kind of deals we will be offering. But things have been very busy this year; while we are pleased with the big increase in business, it means we don’t have the same amount of used equipment available (it’s all out on rent!).

Versatrax 300™ (left) and Versatrax 150™ Mark II (right)

Versatrax 300™ (left) and Versatrax 150™ Mark II (right)

What we do have, however, is pretty exciting; for the first time ever, we are offering a complete Versatrax 300™ system, with a Spectrum 120HD™ camera, the latest version of our ICON™ and InPRO™ software, and a remote ethernet link (for sensor or other hardware additions). The tether cable is a little shorter, and the chassis has a few dings – but the system is fully functional, and it comes with a six-month warranty.

(queue the infomercial voice over) And that’s not all! We are also offering (again, for the first time ever!)  another OnDemand Specialty System: the Versatrax 150™ Mark II long ranger (with a one kilometre copper cable, and a Spectrum 90™ camera). Both of these systems incorporate our IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology, so spares and upgrades are readily available. And they’re available at a significant discount versus buying new.

Plus, we have some track modules and other components, but it’s all on a first-come-first-served basis, so contact us to get a copy of the equipment list and find out what is still available. But don’t wait too long – the equipment goes fast, and quantities are limited!