ASME Features Benefits of Inuktun Technology in White Paper

Inuktun InCommand Robotics’ Vice President of Operations, Wes Kirkland, recently participated in a panel at ASME’s Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance Forum. Since then, a special report found in the Mechanical Engineering magazine has been published on ‘A New Era in Robotic Infrastructure Inspections’. This white paper (available for download here), describes how sophisticated methods are reducing costs and increasing safety.

MaggHD™ inspects wind turbine

MaggHD™ inspects wind turbine

The white paper makes a business case for the use of inspection robots, with a focus on the safety and cost advantages of robust systems like Inuktun’s MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler or Versatrax 100™ Mark II pipe inspection vehicle.

“Robots also offer increased safety. Traditional inspections often involve people moving across scaffolding to look at factory equipment, using ropes and harnesses to reach wind turbine blades, climbing built-in ladders to view towers – in short, humans working in hazardous conditions.”

More importantly, the white paper hits on the fact that robots provide objective data.

“Companies can also take advantage of the inherent repeatability of robots. With growing amounts of such consistent, objective data, companies can make better use of analytical tools to predict which assets are likely to fail under which conditions, before an actual problem develops.”

Wes Kirkland reinforces the advantage of IM3™ technology for robotic infrastructure inspections, “With this Multi-Mission Modular concept, you have a robotic tool box, and one operator who is familiar with the crawler can do multiple jobs without having to train on different platforms.”

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