Modularity of Versatrax 100™ Mark II Recognized at QUILL

Last week, Inuktun InCommand Robotics, had the pleasure of hosting NDT technicians and inspectors from leading energy and petrochemical companies at our July QUILL (Quarterly Inuktun Lunch & Learn) session. This event highlighted our brand new Versatrax 100™ Mark II modular crawler and showcased the true IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) nature of the robotic inspection system.

This quarter’s QUILL session was our most successful to date! Largely because the VT100MKII is such an excellent example of Inuktun’s truly modular design. The QUILL attendance was a diverse group, representing Petrochemical, Offshore Oil and Gas and the midstream sector. All of the attendees were very impressed to see how one robotic crawler system can be used to inspect such a broad range of pipe diameters in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The QUILL is a fantastic forum to educate our clients on our IM3 technology.
— Wes Kirkland, Vice President of Operations, Inuktun InCommand Robotics, LLC.

According to Jeff Abt, InCommand Sales Representative, the Dow Chemical Company participants were “amazed at the modularity of our systems”. The Versatrax 100™ Mark II was demonstrated in its inline configuration driving through 100mm/4in vertical pipe and in the parallel configuration going through larger diameter horizontal pipe. And the onboard Spectrum 45™ inspection camera was removed from the vehicle to demonstrate the direct tether connection which allows for independent operation as a drop camera. Modular in design and infinite in application, the Versatrax 100™ Mark II gives operators the option to add extra capability – like inverted and vertical travel with the magnetic kit, or an upgrade to our Spectrum 90™ PTZ camera with 10X optical zoom and (optional) laser lines or spot LED light modules. Or… the latest Versatrax 100™ Mark II Cable Drive assembly offers even more functionality - allowing the vehicle to effectively climb small diameter cables or wires (learn more here). According to QUILL participants from BP, the VT100 Mark II is the closest thing they have ever seen to a single system solution that meets all of their requirements.

Our QUILL sessions are proving valuable for existing and prospective clients; they are gaining exposure and knowledge of our IM3™ technology and learning more about how modularity can improve operations and save money. The next upcoming session will take place in October at InCommand’s office in Pasadena, Texas. Ask for an invitation request here. And for answers to all of your remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) needs with Inuktun’s robotic crawler and camera systems, contact our technical sales team today.