Inuktun Sighting #131: OnSpec Custom Solution for Dry Ice Cleaning

Inuktun Asia recently collaborated with AmpTec to demonstrate the IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) capabilities of the latest OnSpec custom duct cleaning robotic system; it was on display at the Singapore Green Buildings Conference and Exhibition held at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Described as a huge success by Inuktun’s Technical Sales Manager, Jeff Christopherson, this OnSpec Custom Solution caught the attention of many industry stakeholders who were impressed by the seemingly effortless dry ice removal capability.

AmpTec is the owner of this unique robotic system and the regional distributor for Coldjet (manufacturer of the dry ice cleaning system); under an agreement with Inuktun Asia, AmpTec is responsible for sales of integrated systems and provision of training and after-sales service for Singapore and other local customers. According to AmpTec, the system is initially aimed at cleaning food court kitchen ducts as well as air conditioning ducts in Singapore's many shopping malls, high rise apartments and offices.

This “star of the show” crawler delivers high pressure dry ice supplied by a Coldjet dry ice cleaning system through a rotating nozzle. Initially developed by the US Airforce as a method of rapid paint stripping from aircraft without damaging the underlying metal, dry ice blasting uses dry ice micro pellets accelerated to high velocity. The combination of kinetic energy and the nano-level thermal shock effectively abrades surfaces without leaving water or abrasion residue, damaging active electrical or mechanical parts, or creating any fire hazards. The OnSpec custom duct cleaning robotic system can clean rectangular and circular ducts from 200 to 350 millimetres (8 to 14 inches) in diameter, up to 30 metres (100 feet) long. It has variable nozzle speed and can fit through a 190 millimetre (7.5 inch) opening for positioning. Controls are through Inuktun's proprietary ICON™ software.

Tradeshow visitors readily picked up the available Xbox controller and were immediately able to control and move the VT100 Vertical Crawler™ and MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawlers also on display. The global popularity of these joysticks gives Inuktun clients a head-start when operating IM3™ technology.

Because this OnSpec custom duct cleaning robotic system attracted a lot of attention, there were inquiries by some of Singapore's leading property and high-rise building owners who see the system as an effective response to 'sick building syndrome' and mitigating risks of airborne diseases such as Legionnaires. As one interested visitor claimed, because of the difficulty in cleaning aircon duct systems, their aircon ducts had not been cleaned in thirty years! True or not, Inuktun sees a global demand for this system.

With a range of solutions for your remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing requirements, Inuktun offers clients the precise tools for structural integrity assessment and remote operations with our proven IM3™ technology. Contact our global sales team to learn more now.

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