Inuktun Sighting #144: STIK™ - Not Just for Tanks!

This week’s #InuktunInTheWild sighting features the STIK™ (Spectrum Tank Inspection Kit) performing a remote visual inspection (RVI) inside of tank cars, a type of railroad car typically used to transport liquid and gaseous commodities.

Inuktun InCommand Robotics (IIR) recently performed a product demonstration for the largest owner of railcars in North America, and the STIK™ data collection was well received by the engineering group. To date, these types of inspections have been primarily manual processes that require Confined Space Entry (CSE) by human operators. But now, thanks to the STIK™, there is no need for people to take such unacceptable risks; the entire tank car can be fully inspected without anyone every going inside. Check out the how to Eliminate CSE for Railcar Inspection with the STIK™, an Inuktun blog article that outlines how owners and operators can truly transform the future.

The Spectrum Tank Inspection Kit (STIK™) is a turnkey remote visual inspection system for integrity assessment of tanks, pressure vessels, rail cars and more. If you’re responsible for collecting data in these assets, this is the portable and convenient tool you need to know about. Check out the product specifications here, related blog posts here, and contact our technical sales team for more information on renting or purchasing this game changer RVI tool today!