Checking the Inspection Robot off the List

Inuktun Inspection Checklist

When it comes to remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing methods employing robotics, your options may appear overwhelming at first. Known for the highly adaptable nature of our robotic crawler and inspection camera systems, IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology is designed to offer the best possible solution for your specific needs – but we understand that reading through a list of off-the-shelf OnSite Standard Products or OnDemand Specialty Systems may not always provide a clear answer.

That’s why our technical sales experts have created an inspection checklist that will help narrow down exactly what robotic solution you require to collect repeatable, actionable, meaningful, and preventive data for your structural integrity assessments. If the Products, Industries, or Applications section of our website don’t quite answer the information you’re after, reach out to our sales team to request Inuktun’s inspection checklist and let’s start checking off those boxes.

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