See Quality, Experience Value with the MaggHD™ for Pressure Vessel Inspection

Certifying the structural integrity of pressure vessels is not only mandatory from a regulatory perspective, it is imperative for both human and environmental safety — yet the pursuit of fitness-for-service certification carries its own risks when performed by direct human intervention. Factors such as temperature, toxicity and confined or inaccessible spaces are common in pressure vessel inspection applications in the petrochemical, nuclear, and oil and gas sectors.

Inuktun MaggHD™ for Surface Inspection

IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology is designed and manufactured to withstand the hazards associated with pressure vessels, and the MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler offers the ideal solution for eliminating confined space entry (CSE) and allowing detailed remote visual inspection (RVI) of locations otherwise unreachable. Arguably one of the most popular inspection robotic crawlers in the industry, the MaggHD™ is a high definition magnetic crawler offering a 360-degree continuous tilt camera with full 1080p video and 10x optical zoom. This off-the-shelf OnSite standard product includes 100 metres (or 330 feet) of tether and a portable control system with still image capture and real-time video recording with the ability to flag multiple regions of interest on the fly. Optional features include camera laser lines and high intensity LED lighting spot and flood lamps for inspecting pressure vessel head nozzles, expansion joints in transfer lines, flaws and surface breaking defects. The MaggHD™ enables risk assessment of critical factors such as design, cyclic fatigue and product induced corrosion, as well as locating suspect areas internally for additional analysis – all while removing the need for stopping service, cleaning or emptying vessels, or requirements for scaffolding.

The use of IM3™ technology translates to tremendous reduction of work-related health and safety risks, less downtime of the pressure vessel and lowered costs during turnarounds. The MaggHD™ inspection robotic crawler will be on display at the upcoming International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association (IPEIA) conference taking place February 25 to March 1, 2019, in beautiful Banff, Canada. If you’re there, make sure to check out “Reducing Dangerous Confined Space Personnel Entry with Robotics”, a workshop by IRISNDT (10:00am, February 27), and stop by Eddyfi Technologies’ booth to see our NDT product lineup for pressure vessels and other equipment.

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