Inspection Robots for Pipeline Leaks

When you consider the current pipeline inventory in Canada alone is an estimated 840,000 kilometres, the requirement for structural integrity assessment and leak detection is critical for reducing associated human and environmental risks. Deploying inspection robots for pipe inspection not only eliminates the need for confined space entry or direct human intervention in potentially hazardous environments, it also allows for objective reporting of real-time conditions and comparative data results.

Versatrax 150™ Pipe Inspection.jpg

The integrity of pipelines relies on the integrity of its inspection equipment, and IM3™ (Multi-Mission Modular) technology delivers. See far in advance to reduce risk with our robotic solutions. Inuktun’s Spectrum™ cameras and Versatrax™ crawlers can be found performing remote visual inspection (RVI) of transmission and distribution lines; boiler, furnace tubes and HVAC ducting; high energy pipes; trenchless construction and civil engineering operations; process pipes; sewer and storm drains; difficult to inspect and unpiggable pipes – and so much more. IM3™ technology is designed to perform in-service pipe inspections of a multitude of pipelines transporting various commodities with unique operating characteristics and a wide range of environmental settings.

Learn more about Inuktun’s robotic solutions for integrity assessments during ASME’s webinar on Inspection Robots: Pipeline Leaks taking place on April 23, 2019. This webinar features two leaders in pipeline robotic inspection, including our very own Wes Kirkland, Director of US Field Sales Operations for Eddyfi Technologies. Wes will explain how IM3™ technology inspects pipes for leaks, corrosion, and remaining useful life as well as best practices for employing inspection robots as part of an ongoing inspection and maintenance program. Get your questions ready and sign up for this event here!

With Eddyfi Technologies’ recent acquisition of Inuktun, our product offering expands beyond RVI to powerful nondestructive testing options for even more comprehensive structural integrity assessments. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements for collecting repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventative data today.