Better, Faster and More Tank Inspections with the STIK™

Image courtesy of Airman 1st Class Justin Parsons

Image courtesy of Airman 1st Class Justin Parsons

With aboveground storage tanks (AST) being used beyond their intended design life, tank integrity evaluations are being prioritized now more than ever to ensure tank farm uptime and operational reliability. A higher demand for oil, gas, and petrochemical product storage has resulted in more frequent tank inspections. While tank integrity has been a focus for operators especially following the API standard 653 mandate, a specific inspection method hasn’t been designated. Traditionally, tank inspection has been performed manually which requires the storage tank to be taken offline for cleaning and degassing to allow human access. Whatever method employed, it’s critical that the structural integrity assessment being performed collects repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventive data results. And while effective, this process is not only costly and time consuming, it’s potentially dangerous.

That’s why Inuktun developed the STIK™, Spectrum Tank Inspection Kit – the robotic solution for more frequent and efficient inspections of in-service tanks. Eliminating the need for confined space entry (CSE) and scaffolding, the STIK™ is a portable, convenient and user-friendly turnkey system that allows tank farm owners and operators to optimize tank turnaround schedules by providing real-time conditions to predict and avoid failure – ultimately reducing associated health, safety, and environmental risks.

Inuktun’s STIK™ is well suited for remote visual inspection (RVI) of pressure vessels, rail cars and more. Based on the proven Spectrum 120HD™ high definition pan, tilt, and zoom inspection camera, the STIK™ operates on proprietary software which offers intuitive control, automated inspection, and post-process reporting of the repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventive nondestructive testing (NDT) data collected. The adaptable nature of IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) technology allows the camera to be removed from its universal hatch mount pole setup and deployed on Inuktun’s robotic crawler platforms for an even more detailed RVI of storage tank floors, employing optional ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and other NDT sensors from Eddyfi Technologies.

The STIK™ allows owners to prioritize turnarounds and extend inspection schedules through risk-based inspection concepts which have been incorporated into the latest editions of API 653. Saving you time and money, reducing or eliminating risk - why wouldn’t inspectors choose the STIK™? Contact our technical experts to discuss how IM3™ technology can improve your structural integrity assessments today!