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We want to take the opportunity to highlight how our IM3™ (Multi-Mission Modular) design philosophy translates from hardware to software, but before we do that, here’s a refresher on the IM3™ promise (i.e. how IM3™ technology delivers significant time savings and cost efficiencies).

Inuktun Rackmount Controller

Unless this is your first time on our blog (welcome!), you’re no stranger to our enabling design; every system and component conceived by Inuktun features unique, proprietary IM3™ technology. Unlike merely configurable systems – same basic vehicle, different payload options – our truly modular systems consist of an array of components intentionally designed to support several specifically purposed systems; components can be rearranged in new and interesting ways to inspect the unexpected. See a visual representation of that in this 90-second video.


There are three options available when it comes to choosing the control system for your inspection camera, miniature magnetic crawler, or modular pipe inspection vehicle.

Inuktun’s Spectrum 45™ and Spectrum 90™ standard definition cameras are offered with an interface box that works with your laptop or PC (we can provide you one too!) and powers Inuktun’s control software. If Inuktun inspection cameras are just one component of your robotic toolkit, you may opt for our ICON™ Portable Controller (IPC).

The ICON™ Portable Controller is designed not only for Spectrum™ cameras but also for our small class vehicles (think Microtrac™ driven systems, like the MaggHD™ or Versatrax 100™ Mark II). Built in a portable Pelican® case, this controller comes with an Xbox joystick for familiar controls, and a large sunlight readable touchscreen monitor.

When you’re operating our OnDemand Specialty Systems like our Versatrax 150™ Mark II pipe inspection vehicle, Inuktun offers a rackmount control solution. It comes with the same Xbox pendant controller and provides the long-range interface for video receivers, a fiber optic option, big bandwidth and 400 VDC power.


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Inuktun’s control and operations software, ICON™, is Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) with licensed features and functional tiers, extensions, and plugins. It has been designed to be flexible and adaptable for a wide range of client projects. The applications may be as routine as recording inspection video in municipal sewer and water pipes or as comprehensive as correlating snapshots, video, and corrosion data for a process plant reactor, recording and retaining the information for post-analysis. Whatever your requirements, ICON™ software delivers an adaptable platform for multiple requirements.

ICON™ software is for inspectors who only need to operate a single system configuration like our Spectrum 90™ camera system. The on-screen display comes with a preconfigured overlay and allows one user to operate the camera.

ICON™ Pro builds on the ICON™ tier by allowing operators to control up to two cameras, two tracks and other devices like Inuktun’s manipulator. Multiple users can login to this control software and have access to InPRO™, Inuktun’s video reporting software for annotations, configurable templates, and other convenient features for creating post-process inspection reports.

ICON™ Suite is the best option for inspectors who own multiple Inuktun systems and enjoy the convenience of one controller for their cameras, miniature magnetic crawlers, and pipe inspection vehicles. Enhanced features and support for all extensions and plugins are provided with Inuktun’s highest tier of software. One of the most exciting? Some functions and tasks within ICON™ software can be programmed for automated automation routines. Automation routines enable repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventative data collection.

Fear not, legacy analog controller clients – we still support you! We understand that change can feel cumbersome; why not demo our ICON™ control hardware and software solutions to see the immediate benefits for yourself (ask us about our ‘Try Before You Buy’ program)? Thanks to our proven IM3™ design, upgrading your hardware is no problem. Let’s give you complete control today!

Inuktun Control and Operations Software

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