Nondestructive Evaluation Technology Integration with Inuktun Inspection Robots

We received some great questions about our IM3™ technology in a recent webinar, and we look forward to answering them over the coming weeks. In this week’s blog, we share what non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technologies have been used in conjunction with the variety of Eddyfi Technologies’ Inuktun robots. Thanks for the question, Kinectrics!

Solving the world’s remote inspection and tooling challenges through applied science, innovative designs and high-quality equipment requires the adaptability that our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) robotic systems offer. When remote visual inspection (RVI) isn’t enough, Eddyfi Technologies’ Inuktun robots can accommodate NDE modalities for repeatable, actionable, meaningful and preventative data results. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these examples!

When a deactivated pipeline previously used to transport oil derivatives from a mooring buoy to refinery storage tanks was going back online after six years, a comprehensive thickness measurement of the pipe was required. Inspecting segments up 30 years old, the Inuktun Versatrax 300™ long range pipe inspection vehicle successfully completed this inspection with four rotating ultrasonic testing (UT) probes.

We’re the experts when it comes to remote deployment of non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, and Russell NDE Systems knew it. When they needed a solution for the remote operation of their bracelet probe NDT technology, they approached us for a solution. The only robotic NDT tool on the market for inspecting the legs of gas storage spheres, this Inuktun Minitrac™ crawler track based solution can carry a 27+ kilogram (60 pound) payload at a consistent speed and orientation even when the legs are wet or up to 10 degrees off from their vertical position.

One of the most popular inspection robots on the market, the Inuktun MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler was modified with a bespoke InfraRed (IR) temperature sensor for remote visual inspection of nuclear storage containers. With the requirement for clear vision in complete darkness, in a 60° Celsius (140° Fahrenheit) radioactive environment accessible through a 30-centimetre (12 inch) roof vent, the Inuktun MaggHD™ reportedly collected its NDT data results with ease.

Another example for nuclear storage tank inspection comes from an OnSpec Custom Solution that incorporated both temperature and radiation sensors. It was this technology that gave engineers a first look at the underside of the transuranic waste tanks found at Hanford site. The radiation detection sensor is intended to be replaceable with other NDE sensors for future data collection requirements.


Examining the damage of a subsea asset valued at 20 million dollars is no small feat, and it’s actually the reason the Inuktun VT150 Vertical Crawler™ exists today. NauticAWT, a marine engineering services provider, approached us for a solution to evaluate a buckled pipe below the mudline of a subsea well head. A prototype Inuktun VT150 Vertical Crawler™ with a custom spring expansion and self-adjusting chassis was integrated with a third-party laser scanner for the successful NDT inspection of the underwater pipeline.

Our final example is a great demonstration of how Eddyfi Technologies is the reference standard in advanced NDT technologies through its strong complementary brands. Long-time customer Oceaneering International, a subsea engineering and applied technology industry leader, has set themselves apart from the competition by offering an NDT capability otherwise unachievable by integrating Inuktun robots with TSC NDT’s ACFM® (or alternating current field measurement) sensors. Their OnSpec Custom Solution can switch between ACFM® and UT for the detailed inspection of ship hulls, FPSOs, tanks and pressure vessels. Plus, they’ve got two onboard cameras for general RVI.

The recent acquisition of Inuktun by Eddyfi Technologies unlocks a world of NDT inspection possibilities by combining the industry’s best NDT modalities with proven mobile robotic solutions. Contact our experts to discover the perfect solution today!