Robot Duel Challenge

A giant robot rumble always makes headlines.

Hey, why not? People love to watch machines pulverize each other into scrap metal. It's not like anyone's going to get hurt, either — unless you count sore feelings or injured pride. Consider the popularity of the Transformers movies.

Nothing draws a crowd like battling ‘bots.

And evidently the human manufacturers of these hot-headed, just-itching-for-a-fight robots are no exception. Here at Inuktun, our ears pricked up immediately when we heard the announcement: Boston-based MegaBots Inc. and its Mark II robot has challenged Japanese robot maker Suidobashi Heavy Industries and its Kuratas fighter to a bot-to-bot scrap.

What's on the line? Nothing less than national pride.

MegaBots describes the two-person driven Mark II as “12,000 pounds of gasoline-fuelled fury.” It seeks to annihilate its opponents by blowing them to bits, using three-pound paintballs that travel in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, the highly advanced Kuratas, which is piloted by a single operator (or controlled remotely), features a 6,000 round per minute BB Gatling cannon, a launcher that fires water bottles or fireworks, and an 'Iron Crow' capable of grabbing onto or picking up objects.

It could get messy.

Yes, we like robot grudge matches as much as the next person. But we tend to steer our own Inuktun systems clear of gratuitous violence and destruction. In any case, they’re usually too busy inspecting pipelines, nuclear reactors, ship hulls and offshore platforms to ensure human risk is minimized and the environment is protected. Of course it’s not sensational or headline grabbing, but working hard is what we do every day, and we take pride in that.

Stay back from the business end of our manipulator though — it deals a mean pinch.