The ROV (Recreationally Operated Vehicle)

Inuktun celebrates its 26th anniversary on September 30th.

In 1989, two friends slightly ahead of their time decided to build a swimming remotely operated vehicle (ROV) targeted at a consumer market. Inuktun founders Al Robinson and Terry Knight had the idea to create a remote video camera that could be easily deployed from a small boat and enjoyed by those looking to explore the world underwater without getting wet (think scuba diving from the couch) — in other words, a recreational ROV. While the ROV Seamor never caught on widely with a consumer audience, interest was certainly piqued in industrial markets. Industrial players with a broad range of requirements have, since the beginning, been the main users of the Seamor.

The versatility of the basic vehicle has been extended in many ways over the years and, although the intellectual property rights were sold to Seamor Marine Ltd in 2007, the Seamor still fits the multi-mission, modular (IM3) standard set by Inuktun Services Ltd.

Inuktun’s in-house engineering capabilities mean that customer requirements are responsible for the invention of many of our products in market today. Just one example currently under development is a waterproof version of the new MaggUT™ (a magnetic crawler used for tank inspection), which will provide an economical option for remote visual inspection of ship hulls, among a number of other applications across various industries.

So it all started a quarter-century ago, with one recreational robot. That proven technology kicked off the development of an ever-expanding array of advanced equipment, easily re-configurable by the operator for specific job requirements. Stay tuned as Inuktun promises to take you way, way further down the modular technology path — to transform the future.