Try It Before You Buy It

Louisiana Levee

In last Friday’s blog post, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”, we reacted to the speculation whether Hurricane Katrina’s devastation could have been minimized with scheduled inspections providing conditional assessment of the levees in Louisiana and related infrastructure. Offering a lineup of Multi-Mission, Modular (IM3) technology, Inuktun designs and builds robotic cameras and crawlers used for structural integrity evaluation and preventative maintenance. While the cost of ownership may be prohibitive to operators, Inuktun offers both rental and lease options to reduce the need for large capital expenditures. And, unlike many other manufacturers, we also offer a “Try it before you buy it” program. So, what exactly does this mean?

The “Try it before you buy it” program offers owners and operators the opportunity to rent IM3 technology and have 50% of the rental price (not including shipping or RED fees) allocated towards the purchase of a new system within 30 calendar days of the rental being returned. The total credit allocation cannot exceed 20% of the list price of the equipment being purchased, and the purchased equipment must be substantially similar to the equipment that was rented. The ideal solution for users who want to see exactly how Inuktun systems work in their operations, this program allows you the security of a test drive before a full commitment.

Learn more about our options that will get the equipment integral to human and environmental safety in your hands now!